We’re Melissa and Eric, two humans who care a lot about video call quality. When the pandemic started, we were thrown, like everyone else, into the world of remote work. We woke up, ambled to our desks, spent the day in calls, and then did it all over again the next day.
While we eventually got used to the new normal, we never quite got used to the Zoom fatigue. As two people who love asking “Why?”, we decided to get to the bottom of why video calls sapped us of so much energy.
As it turns out, most people’s default video experiences are quite bad. Ours were too! Unless you have a background in cinematography, you likely never fussed about the intricacies of lenses, lighting, or framing. But when it comes to having a great video call experience, these things matter — they matter a lot.
The contents of this guide is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research and personal experience. Our calls felt better after implementing these recommendations and we wanted to share our learnings.
If you would like specific advice on how to make your video calls better or have suggestions for improvements to this site — you can email us at hi@checklist.video.
Happy Zooming!